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Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

MIT School of Engineering Fellowship

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Johns Hopkins University

Bachelor of Science in Engineering Mechanics

Minors in Robotics, Computer Science, and Philosophy

GPA: 4.00, Deans List 2020-2023

Honors Societies: Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma

2023 Robert George Gerstmyer Award

2024 Charles A. Miller Award

Major Courses: Engineering Mechanics

  • Applied Finite Element Analysis

  • Biosolid Mechanics

  • Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

  • Computer Aided Design

  • Dynamics

  • Mechanics Based Design

  • Statics and Mechanics of Materials

  • Introduction to Thermodynamics

  • Introduction to Mechanics I & II

  • Introduction to Design and CAD

  • MechE Freshman Lab I & II

Minors Courses: Robotics & Computer Science

  • Haptic Interface Design for Human-Robot Interaction

  • Algorithms for Sensor Based Robotics

  • Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Mechatronics

  • Dynamics of Robots and Spacecraft

  • Robot Sensors and Actuators

  • Mathematical Foundations for Computer Science

  • Data Structures

  • Intermediate Programming

  • Gateway Computing: Java


General STEM Courses

  • Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

  • Probability and Statistics

  • Calculus I, II, & III

  • General Physics II

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