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I am an Engineering Mechanics student at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) with specific interest in mechanics, robotics, and computer science.


This passion for engineering stemmed from my time on FIRST Robotics Team 1218, where I established and supervised 9 subgroups as a team captain. As strategy subsystem lead, I helped my team win the FIRST Robotics World Championship in 2019. In college, I transitioned from FIRST to Baja SAE, leading the frame subsystem for Blue Jay Racing and designing a chassis built to withstand maximum loading conditions while also being optimized for weight, driver comfort and vehicle packaging. Presently, I work in the Johns Hopkins IMERSE lab to integrate force sensors onto surgical instruments so that doctors get haptic feedback during suturing operations.


I am building my communication skills as a leader of conversations in diversity. I led the Students Allied for Gender Equality and was a Facilitator for diversity and inclusion workshops at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy. I am continuing this work and combining it with my interest in STEM as a member of the Society of Women Engineers and the junior class representative for the Women of Mechanical Engineering at JHU.

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