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Algorithms for Sensor Based Robotics


Johns Hopkins Algorithms for Sensor Based Robotics


January 2023 - May 2023


Baltimore, MD


Robot Forward and Inverse Kinematics, Kalman Filtering, Bayesian Filtering, SLAM, Hand-Eye Calibration, MATLAB, C++


The class required the completion of numerous assignments spanning robot kinematics, hand-eye calibration, path planning operations, and localization and mapping algorithms.


As a student I was responsible for completing five software-based assignments and one in-person demonstration on a UR5 robot.


My hard work in the course earned me an A in the class as an undergrad, when the course is typically offered to graduate students.


This course inspired me to pursue further work in this type of robotics. I truly enjoyed the challenges of planning a robot's motion and learning about the strategies to help robots understand their surroundings, and I now want to pursue this type of research in graduate studies.

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