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DEKA Research & Development Internship


DEKA Research & Development


May 2022-August 2022


Manchester, NH


Mecway Analysis, Solidworks CAD Modeling, Rapid Prototyping


Work on a design team developing a product in the medical robotics industry.


As an intern, I was responsible for making multiple design updates to the product. I applied finite element analysis and performed tensile testing to refine user actuation forces. I designed product packaging in CAD and oversaw the manufacturing of this packaging. I also developed a test fixture to validate component functionality during assembly line production.


The tasks I worked on were implemented efficiently and effectively, and will continue to be iterated upon as the product is further developed.


This project was my first time in an industry setting, working on a product that is being designed over multiple years. This is different from my short term experiences, and made me appreciate the importance of documenting design choices and communicating with other component designers.

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