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MIT Lincoln Laboratories Internship


MIT Lincoln Laboratory


May 2023 - August 2023


Boston, MA


SolidWorks CAD Software, 3D Printing, Rapid Prototyping, Kotlin, User Interface Design, Sensor Integration, Java, MATLAB


Work under supervision of two mentors on projects pertaining to advanced robotics and aircraft development in the Advanced Capabilities and Systems Group, which is a multidisciplinary team providing solutions to the most challenging U.S. defense and intelligence needs.


As an intern, I was responsible for constructed backend programming that communicates between a user controller, a user interface, and sensors relaying real-time data in order to display state of device to user during operation. I also prototyped mechanisms to carry and release fixed-wing UAV held by drones in flight, including testing in the field. Finally, I worked collaboratively on acoustic modeling project to relate microphone data to direction and distance of the signal noise generation, including test fixture design for microphones and MATLAB data modeling.


Backend programming successfully integrated multiple sensors into the user interface, which was demonstrated to sponsors. Acoustic modeling and aircraft design was documented for further research. Both projects were presented to 50+ people in the group.


This work allowed me to gain independence in my understanding of robotics and system integration, combining my previous work in mechanical design and programming to build systems that responded to real world environmental input.

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