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Anomaly Detection during High-Contact Assistive Bathing Task


University of Edinburgh, Statistical Machine Learning and Motor Control Group


January 2024 - Present


Edinburgh, Scotland


Robot Dynamics and Control, Pybullet Simulation Interface, Literature Review, Paper Writing, Classificaiton and Machine Learning, Research Principles


The goal of this project is to detect anomalies that occur during high-contact human-robot interaction such as an assisted bathing task.


This is a senior design thesis, which means I am responsible for the entirety of the background research, project work, and presentation of the material at the end of the semester.


Thus far, I have implemented the simulated human-robot interface using Pybullet. The interaction between the human and robot is modeled after prior literature in forces experienced during face wiping and bathing tasks. The robot uses an hybrid control to ensure proper force application throughout the demonstration, and the human has the ability to create both safe and unsafe motions.


While this project is yet to be complete, it has confirmed for me my passion for research and my desire to further explore robotics, medical applicaitons, and human-robot interaction.

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