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Object Recognition and Vision Tracking


FIRST Robotics Team 1218 at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy


January 2020-February 2020


Philadelphia, PA


Software Research, Limelight Vision Tracking


Track three pieces of retroreflective tape in the shape of an inverted trapezoid using vision tracking software. This would be used to calibrate the angle at which we shot dodgeballs into a goal.


I was in charge of determining which vision tracking software to use and learning how to use it for our robot.


Reliable shooting of the dodgeballs into the goal at the Hatboro-Horsham FMA District Event for the 2020 FIRST Robotics Season (prior to cancellation of other events).


Since our mentors did not have recent experience with object recognition through vision tracking, I had to learn how to effectively research the best software to fit our requirements. Once I chose the Limelight Vision Tracking, I had to independently learn how to use the software and implement it for our design.

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