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Ocean Flow Mapping


Scalable Autonomous Robots Lab in the GRASP Lab at the University of Pennsylvania


June 2018-July 2018


Philadelphia, PA


MATLAB, Vector Calculus


Develop critical point indicator code to be applied in identifying manifolds and boundaries in ocean flows.


As an intern, I was responsible for this project under the mentorship of Prof. Ani Hsieh.


My work identified multiple critical point scenarios in ocean flows and contributed to a proposal for the Scalable Autonomous Robots Lab.


This project was one of my first introductions to programming, where I gained experience debugging and iteratively developing larger programming projects.

The image below is from the following publication. It displays the type of results I found in my research but IT IS NOT MY ORIGINAL WORK.

D. Kularatne, M. A. Hsieh, and E. Forgoston. “Using Control to Shape Stochastic Escape and Switching Dynamics,” Chaos 29, 053128 (2019);

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