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Remote Controlled Boat


Johns Hopkins Robot Sensors and Actuators


September 2022-December 2022


Baltimore, MD


Arduino Microcontrollers, Servo Motors, Transceiver Communication, GPS


Implement sensors and actuators for a motorized remote control airboat. The boat will use a joystick user console to switch between a user control mode and an autonomous control mode in which the boat patrols an area of the lake, staying within this specified region.


This was a team project in which we collaboratively worked on implementing the different components of the remote control operations. I specifically took a lead role in the development of the user control mode and transceiver communication between the boat and the joystick console.


The boat was able to perform all the necessary tasks effectively.


This project was my first in-depth work in the field of mechatronics. I gained a better understanding of how mechanical structures, hardware, and program control combine to form robotic and autonomous systems.

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