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Cutting Force Estimation Software at NIST


National Institute for Standards and Technology


May 2021-August 2021


Gaithersburg, MD


MATLAB, Linear Algebra and Calculus


Develop a MATLAB program that inputs inertial sensor data to estimate cutting forces experienced by machine tools, to be applied in real-time machine health monitoring for large manufacturing plants.


As an intern, I was responsible for this project under the mentorship of Dr. Greg Vogl.


I presented my cutting-force estimation model at the NIST Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Colloquium. The model showed reliable force estimates, as shown in the results Figure.


This project required overcoming the challenges of a virtual internship platform in order to collaborate with my mentor Dr. Vogl in developing this product. I learned about how to organize large scale programming projects and improve efficiency of these computations, such as Fast Fourier Transforms and interpolation processes.


Gregory W. Vogl, Dominique A. Regli, Gregory M. Corson, “Real-time estimation of cutting forces via physics-inspired data-driven model”, CIRP Annals, Volume 71, Issue 1, 2022, Pages 317-320, ISSN 0007-8506,

The following images are taken from this publication.

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